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Perhaps, you’ve been planning to buy a light box. You’ve probably looked at a lot of them. A few important considerations could aid you in your search for the perfect box.

Look for:

  • A durable, well assembled box, preferably hardwood. Plywood can be less durable. Ours are hardwood.
  • A beautiful design and finish. Children deserve beautiful materials and equipment. Our boxes are hand-finished and made by master cabinet makers.
  • A box that is large enough. Some boxes are too small for children to gather around. We observed children playing with boxes of various sizes before finally selecting the ideal size. Our box promotes interactions, and collaborations.
  • A cool, softly glowing light. Our light does not shadow, streak, or even worse, glare. It stays cool and children are drawn to it. They find it soothing.
  • A low-watt, long-lasting light. With daily use, ours lasts for 4-5 years. Replacement is easy and inexpensive ( $12.00). The bulb dispenses 75 foot-candles and uses 20 watts of electricity.


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