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The soft, even glow from our light box transforms objects and can stimulate in children a sense of beauty and wonder. Children are drawn to the light and calmed, especially those who are easily distracted or impulsive. Some children with visual impairments like to draw, read, and write on the light screen because they can see more easily with the light under the paper.

"The task is to help children 'dematerialize' light and color until they feel it inside and outside themselves, to blend colours together and distinguish them, to appreciate the relationship between them and the effects they create."
Corrado Costa, The Hundred Language of Children, Reggio Emilia

Lightbox from Reflections Light Boxes on Square Market
Light Box $345
Our hand finished, portable light box is made of solid hardwood and can be placed on any table top. Features a wooden handle, rounded edges, and a rim to prevent objects from rolling off. UL listed electrical components. 24” x 30” x 7.5”.


Sand Tray from Reflections Light Boxes on Square Market
Sand Tray $140
The sand tray fits atop the light box, within the rim preventing the tray from slipping. The transparent screen allows the light to pass through objects placed between the box and the tray, or within the tray. The tray may be used with materials such as sand (our favorite), rice, beans, or anything else that one would normally use in a classroom sand table.

Mirror Table from Reflections Light Boxes on Square Market
Mirror Table $345
Our multi-purpose rimmed mirror table is 18" x 26" x 32". It can be used as a home for your light box or as a surface for creative constructions. Children can view their creations from several angles at once when they build on the mirror table, increasing their prospective taking abilities.

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Light Bulb from Reflections Light Boxes on Square Market
Light Bulb $12
A low-watt, long-lasting light. With daily use lasts for about 4-5 years. Replacement is easy. The bulb dispenses 75 foot-candles and uses 20 watts of electricity.

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