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You may have visited our booths at the Annual National Association for Early Childhood Conference, (NAEYC) and at various early childhood state conferences. We’ve been exhibiting for years.

How We Started

When I first saw children in Reggio programs exploring light, color, and shadow on light boxes, I was captivated! The children seemed mesmerized. It occurred to me that a light box would be a great addition to the “wonder center,” I keep in my family room for my grand children. After many false starts and much research, we got the light just right. We worked hard to eliminate the dark patches, streaks, and harsh glares found in so many other light boxes. Our boxes are sturdy and their finishes are elegant and beautiful. We believe that by surrounding children with beauty we nurture their aesthetic sense, imagination and creativity.

Carole Whitener

Who Are Our Customers

We’ve been surprised at the diversity of our customer base. Special Needs teachers report that our light has a calming effect on some children, helping them to focus longer. Moreover, visually impaired children sometimes see print better with light behind it. We sell to museums, too. Our artist friends use the light to reveal patterns and color and nurture children’s aesthetic sense. Also, the box can be stood on end to display children’s art -work. Our sand tray and light box combo can be found in hospital playrooms and physician’s waiting rooms. Most of our customers, however, are from primary, pre-k, Reggio, Head Start, and other child development programs. Many elementary science teachers also, use the light box. In Alaska, the Head Start children, particularly, enjoy our light boxes, during the dark months.


My husband and I are teachers. Henry taught music for 35 years before retiring to make lightboxes with my brother, David, a cabinet maker. Together, Henry and I have taught for a combined total of 70 years! I am a professor of child development at Tidewater Community College in Chesapeake, Virginia. Some of my professional experiences include: Rater, Virginia STAR Quality Improvement Project, consulting, writing training materials, and providing training for Head Start, the Virginia Department of Social Services, and a variety of public and private school programs. I have served as president of the Virginia Association for Early Childhood Education (VAECE) and the Virginia Representative on the Board of the Southern Early Childhood Education Association, (SECA). My most cherished award is the Outstanding Service to Children of Virginia Award from the VAECE. The VAECE has nurtured and supported my development throughout my professional career and I never miss an opportunity to mingle and learn from its wonderful members.


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